An Interview With Mindy Kaling

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Huffington Post:

Bookish: When you were a little kid, what was your favorite book?

Mindy Kaling: I loved a book called “The Westing Game,” which was a murder mystery. It didn’t really condescend to kids, which I liked. I’m very sensitive to books that are condescending, and I felt that book was just a great, well-written mystery thriller that happened to be popular with kids.

Bookish: When it comes to books, do you have any guilty pleasures?

MK: We all know the difference between me enjoying Sweet Valley High versus James Joyce. As a kid, I always loved serialized books. It’s the reason why people love Harry Potter. Serialization is amazing. It works in television. It works in film and it works in books. Especially when you’re a young kid, you get attached to these characters.

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