“Did I Stutter?” Review

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“Did I Stutter?”
Reviewed by: Kat

The episode opens with Michael running into the office asking for ideas for what to write or draw in the wet cement in the parking lot outside, calling it “a once in a lifetime opportunity.”  After Phyllis, Kelly, and Andy say their ideas, Jim suggests that Michael put his face in it–cut to the parking lot where Dwight is slathering Michael’s face in Vasoline.  Before Michael puts his face in the cement, there’s a comment to “force it in as far as you can,” which, of course, leads to “that’s what she said.”

In the next scene, Angela and Andy are in the kitchen doing MadLibs together, as Dwight listens in the background.  In a talking head, Dwight sarcastically says he hopes nothing bad ever happens to them.  Pam forgot her contact solution after sleeping over “at a friend’s house” (okay, Pam…if you say so), and she has to wear her backup glasses. To read the rest go here.

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