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Dave Koechner and Will Arnett in “Always Open”

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Check out the new web series “Alway Open”.

Hosted by David Koechner, of Anchorman and The Office fame, the three-minute episode, which can be seen at, features a no-holds-barred exchange, filmed at a live, working Denny’s restaurant, which sees Koechner getting Arnett to “open up” about war, intruders, and the meaning of life.

Always Open with Dave Koechner (featuring Will Arnett):

Interview with David Koechner

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REPORTER: What was it like working on the set of “The Office”?

DK: It’s always a joy. Everyone there is a really great person. The writing is so good. You’re working at a really high level. It’s a treat.

REPORTER: What are Carell and Ferrell like?

DK: Steve is charming, intelligent and quiet. He’s not a look-at-me guy, very much just pure talent. Will is another funny guy who just seems to breathe talent. He’s all work, smooth, funny and charming.

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